Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Report from volunteer Sapna Bassa, Psychologist

Ladakh HILFE (Rewa Society in Leh)



I (Sapna Bassi) MSc Clinical Psychology completed my 15 days of intern in the NGO. I interacted with children and their families. I have observed them and tried to make diagnosis on the basis of my observation and small talks with children and family. I use to take a group of children with me everyday and do activities with them. Built my rapport with children to learn about them. Some children diagnosis were incomplete, I helped in completing it as well as in finding of diagnosis for the remaining children. I took some assessment tools like (self esteem scale, hope scale, mental wellbeing scale, etc.) with me and handed over to the staff to do assessments in future. I have given power point presentation and notes on different child disorders to spread awareness (disorders were: bipolar, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, mental retardation, conduct disorder, emotional disorder, learning disorder and disability of locomotion) and key points for Mainstreaming (attitudinal change), attitude of teachers, parents, community towards non disable children for their progress, special school, special education and rehabilitation.


Report of Children’s:

I have interacted with all children’s but there are 13 students with whom I interacted more, observed them and made my diagnosis.

  1. P.: She’s a very bright girl with physical disability, no mental illness. Her catching and understanding power is really good. If she has given proper exposure, she can really do great in her life (in academic settings). She is an all rounder girl.
  2. L.: She’s suffering from physical disability but no signs of any mental illness. She’s doing well in academics and her understanding is good.
  3. N.: She can do better but problems are with concentration, she needs proper supervision and babysitting until she her learns to take care of her work and actions. Her skills and energy can be utilized but only with the help of proper supervision and special attention. We can help her by making her do her work and then by giving break for a moment and appreciation. She should have a strict routine.
  4. D.: She’s suffering from physical disability as well as low IQ. She needs proper assessment to be done on her for IQ. She shows the signs of mild/moderate mental retardation. She has problem understanding and learning things. Her understanding and learning are not as per her age. She need special attention and special school for her development. I couldn’t even help her better because of language (she wasn’t comfortable with Hindi or English).
  5. T.: He’s suffering from Down syndrome. He’s doing well as per of his age and disorder. Staff at Rewa is taking his good care and should continue their same efforts. He needs to be taught about emotions with the help of face expressions and images.
  6. A.: She’s suffering from physical disability and also shows the signs of Autism. She’s too young to be taught anything related to Autism but her Mother needs to be Psych-educate as she forces her and that can worsen her situation in coming future.
  7. N.: He’s suffering from multiple-physical disabilities. There are no signs of any mental illness. He’s doing great and very good at learning things and observing. Need to be little strict and be appreciating at the same time as he’s going into stubborn adolescent to avoid that, it will help.
  8. Z.: She’s already diagnosed with Autism but on my observations I also saw the signs of eating disorder. Her tooth decay, all time chewing something when there is no food in her mouth and putting non-nutrition stuff in mouth (PICA and Rumination).
  9. N.: He doesn’t have any mental illness but he’s too shy and unconfident because of his disability. He need to given tasks like which requires leadership and should be given more vocal tasks or asked to recite poem, tell story, etc. to boost his confidence.
  10. P.: She clearly shows the signs of ADHD the hyperactivity in her body and her lack of interest in tasks. She understands things she should be given one task and ask to complete by giving breaks in between. She should also be medically treated for her disorder.
  11. M.: He’s doing well in academics, a good learner and observant. Need to be timely appreciated for his efforts for more efforts in future.
  12. R.: Her diagnoses were not specified and she show’s signs of three different disorders I need at least 3 months of observation and complete family history to make her diagnosis which was not possible she show’s the signs of conduct disorder, Bipolar and emotion disorder. I explained Ms. Rinchin in detail about her and about these disorder and asked her to observe her and find out about her family to do her diagnosis. She shows signs like lack of empathy, need for concern, certain variations in her moods.



My Review:

The efforts all the staff members are putting are speechless. But I still feel there is a need of a Psychologist or a special educator for those children’s because they need special attention as they are growing up they need special help to stand forward in the society without any shame of their disabilities, they need proper teachings, appreciations and positive and negative reinforcements. They need proper shaping for bright future.


I would like to conclude this report with my small message: thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Working there with those wonderful children’s was one of the best experiences of my life.


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