Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

4.2.2018: Beneficial Concert in Hamburg was a great success

It was a great day for Dorjay and Angchok: The grand finale of the Wintertraining in Hamburg was the benefical concert with the quire Cantonal. Dorjay spoke words in German to the audience and captured the hearts of the people. Everybody enjoyed the singing and at the end the visitors gave very good donations fo REWA Society. Dorjay honored the quire by giving each of the singers a katakh.

We are grateful for the quire to come and sing for REWA, thank you Barbara and Bea for your help!



Dorjay sends his report about the beneficial concert:



On 4th February we have organised a beneficial music concert at Hamburg Germany. 

It was a new experience for us. More than 100 people gathered on this beneficial music concert.

The program was about 0ne hour and they sang several songs, it was old music of German and English, everyone loves the music and enjoyed. We got 15 minutes to speak about Rewa society, I speech in German Language ,It was so funny for them to hear the German  accent  from an Indian ,they were laugh a lot and also they enjoyed my speech as well, for me it was a good experience too.

At the end we thanks to the choir in a Ladakhi traditional way by giving white scarf (Khataks) to everyone. It was an unique for them to receive thanks by this way, everyone loved it.


It was a wonderful time for us and at the end we also arranged refreshment for the people and we got more time to share our vision to them. We also offer them a post card and share our visiting cards at the end. Everyone appreciate for our future plan and give us the good luck, some people promised to visit Rewa in Ladakh.


We have collected a good amount of money and we were so happy. All the team members were so happy with the succeed of the event

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