Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

PT Veronika writes her final report, 9-2018

O Julley Leh and Shukriya Kargil


After nearly three months working with REWA society I have to say thank you. Thank you to the open-minded local staff members, the families and the children. I had the chance to share the knowledge about the treatment with neurological disabled children and young adults. Especially our branch in Kargil with Hamida and Bilquis gave me the chance to be a part of the REWA team. It was a wonderful experience to get to know a new culture and to work in a different way than back home in Germany. One part of my work at REWA was to teach Mehmood, our new local physiotherapist in Kargil, as he never worked with neurological disabled children before. Some parts of the teaching were quite challenging for me, especially how to explain difficult neurological themes in an easy way. Therefore, it was great that we were two volunteers and Marlene and me could work together.


One of the best parts of the teaching were the home visits and fieldtrips with our REWA team. We did the treatment together and figured out how to do it with the things we could find at the kid’s homes. That is one of my favorite parts of the work as a physiotherapist in this field. Sometimes we created a new exercise at home for shoulder mobilization out of a scarf and a curtain rod.  One of the most beautiful experiences was one of our home visit families: the three special children did the exercises we showed them every day. Every week we visited them I could see the improvement of the mobility and strength of their bodies. The parents had the possibility to ask questions and get new ideas how to support their special children.


As I learned so much of this beautiful country and wonderful people, I hope they could also learn something from me and I could give something back.


Thank you REWA society and Ladakh Hilfe




Picture: Last homevisit Zaibon, Hassan and Hawa


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