Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

PT Veronika about her work in Ladakh

Julley Jammu and Kashmir,


my name is Veronika, I’m Physiotherapist from Germany and I arrived in Leh at the 6th of June.

Fort he following two month I’ll do some voluntary work in Leh and Kargil in the REWA society.

Back home in Germany we already had a meeting in January with the founder of REWA, Karola Wood and two other volunteers coming to India this year. Karola gave us a lot of information about the project, the culture and the landscape. After that day all of us had an overview about India and what we would expect during our stay in Leh and Kargil.

Before coming to India in March 2018 I worked in a hospital especially for neurological disabled children. I worked there for three years as a Physiotheapist and during this time I did some further education. I’m specialized in childrens Bobath therapy.

When I arrived in Leh, I worked together with the local therapists at REWA for two weeks. They were very welcoming and we tried to optimize the therapy plan for some of our special children together. I introduced the usage of special walking aids called „Swash ortheses“ to the local Physiotherapists.

After two weeks in Leh I arrived in Kargil at the 20th of June. At my first working day at REWA I was introduced to the staff members working there. Besides me there is actually one more volunteer in Physiotherapy – Marlene. A few days ago a new local Physiotherapist Mehmoot Ali startet working for REWA. As Mehmood worked with adults before and is specialized in ortopaedics, he needs more specific education about neurological disabled children. I want to try to give the whole team and especially Mehmood more knowledge about the therapy with our special children.

J Veronika



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