Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Professional work produces progress with special child, May 27, 2016

Name: S. Z.

D.O.B. 24.03.2012, Actual Age: 4 years old

Residence: Sakti

Diagnose: Severe mental retardation and symptoms of ASD (Autism-Spectrum-Disorder)


She is coming to REWA three times a week with her mother. First we started with some observations about the actions of Z.. In this way we could find out some symptoms about her diagnosis. So we compared her symptoms with the diagnosis of severe mental retardation and ASD. It looks like a mixed diagnosis of both. We could find out her step of mental development. Her step of mental development now we are using for the further therapy plan. We had every Wednesday a teaching about ASD and severe mental retardation. So the local team could get some new knowledge and ideas about the special needs of Z. We spoke about a new therapy plan with new short term and long term goals. In the new therapy plan we are focused on her step of mental development. In addition we take it into consideration that she has special needs because of the symptoms of ASD. The new meaningful goals are:


Short term goals:

-Z. is well in the therapy. It's not stressful for her. She isn't crying.

-Z. begins with exploration. She is interested in different objects in her environment. She explores with her eyes, hands and mouth.


Long term goals:

Z. understands the routines of her everyday life. She is used to do the following activities:

-She can eat without support.

-She can help doing little activities: washing hands and face, brushing her hair.


In the last week we started with the new therapy plan. We are focused on explorations. First she explores a lot with the eyes. She looks around and on the offered little bottle. She was interested in the little bottle. She comes very close with her eyes to the bottle for looking and perhaps understanding. After two therapy lessons she tried to grip the bottle and explores the bottle with the hand and eyes. In this way she already get improving.


PT Kunzang and OT Andrea Ruedi



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