Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

OT Steffi from Austria reports about her work in Leh and Kargil


A cordial "Jullay" from Ladakh. My name is Steffi and only a few weeks ago I finished my studies of Occupational Therapy in Austria. After coming across the REWA Ability Center (RAC) in Leh in 2017 during a trekking trip, the idea of working as a volunteer has never left me. So it happened that this year I spend 3 months in both Leh and Kargil.


Since August 2nd, I'm actually in Ladakh. The first week I spent in Leh and was able to get first impressions of the work of REWA. The whole team welcomed me warmly and I was allowed to come along on home visits. As an occupational therapist also the production of various hand splints falls into my area of expertise. This ability was also required on the very first days, as an employee had broken a metacarpal bone and I had adjusted a splint to immobilize the MCP joint. Of course I had to improvise a bit but nevertheless I was pleasantly surprised by the existing equipment of splint materials and tools.


A great experience was also a performance by two Australian street performers in the RAC, which made the children's eyes shine and provided a change to their everyday routine. A few children then tried out the hulahoop rings and juggling balls themselves. It was nice to see how enthusiastic the kids were.


On August 9th I went to Kargil together with Karola, other REWA members and another German volunteer. Mr.Gulzar and his family gave us a warm welcome and there were first impressions of the Munshi School and the therapy facilities.


In my next report, I will then be able to write about my first experiences in therapy with the special children of Kargil.


Thanks for the support and JULLEY!

OT Steffi


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