Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Zakir in Therapy

This is Zakir, he is a 10 year old boy with choreoathetoid CP. This means that his body moves too much and he struggles to control his movements, so every time he tries to perform a certain movement it just goes wrong. But Zakir does not let his problems stop him, he know exactly what he wants and he works really hard to get it!

Zakir and his granny attend therapy twice a week and they never miss a session.  He loves using his hands to play and he has recently discovered that he can open cupboards and explore the content. During therapy we are practising to move from sitting on a bench to standing with support. This week REWA physio, Mehmood, tried something new, he gave Zakir a pair of gaiters and a walking frame, now Zakir is standing with even less support! 
Zakir loves trying to do things for himself like practising to eat and drink without assistance. We realized that he can drink with a straw so we gave him a special water bottle with a straw and handles enabling him to drink without spilling. And obviously he loves it! 

This just shows you, by making a small change to an activity like drinking from a bottle, a person can be more independent.



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