Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

OT Jana finished her work in Leh

After spending one month at RAC in Leh, I am sad to leave because I am just starting to see progress: Tsetar is starting to make choices and sitting with less support. Anjeli's vision has improved to the extent that she is able to see a shiny yellow object on a red surface and she is slowly starting to eat solid foods like banana and bread. Talam is now able to spoon feed himself while sitting at a little table. Shivaj is able to undress his sock while sitting off the floor. Phantok is now attempting bench sitting which is more challenging for her than floor sitting with legs crossed. Skarma is feeding in a posture chair.  And last but definitely not the least, Sonam, the young lady with a spinal cord injury, is able to make herself a cup of tea!

 Although I'm sad to go, I am also content because I know that I'm leaving the children in very capable hands. I am very impressed (and the parents of the children would agree) with the quality of therapy that the children receive at Rewa Ability Centre. It is so nice to see that the therapists immediately started to implement the new treatment ideas and goals that we discussed during my training. Some of the therapists are even doing self-study to improve their own knowledge by reading textbooks like Disabled Village Children. 

 I would like to thank everyone at Rewa Society: Dorjey for being so organised, Norbu for picking us up at the bus stop in the dead of the night, the amazing therapists for always working so hard, Thukjay for the yummy lunch and milk tea and Lobzang for being able to maneuver the bus out of any traffic jam! Thanks everyone for making my time in Leh so memorable

OT Jana



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