Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Opening of RAC in Leh is delayed because of swine flu

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This is first information of Rewa Leh RAC open in 2015:


1)   2nd of March 2015 the Rewa team came to Rewa office, we stated work today. All staff is fine, they all joined the office first day without absent. First we clean the RAC, then we started the generator and heating system and also vehicles, after that we discussed about the 2015 plan and new schedule. I will send you also some photos.


2)      Kids will be taken to RAC next week as District Commissioner Leh gave the order to all government and private schools they have to close till to 9th of march 2015  because of  swine flu. The DC organise the swine flu awareness camp 3rd of March to 7th of March 2015 so that’s  why our team will join the camp and also half of the team is going to kids house to check up on them. After that we bring the kids to RAC. Then we follow the new schedule of 2015.


Report by Norbu, supervisor Leh

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