Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

28.08.2017: Manager Dorjay udates about REWA

REWA is teaching parents to do crafts


Disability survey in Ladakh with collaboration of Rewa society and district social welfare department


In the month of march 2017  a meeting was organized by social welfare department. In this meeting  they were asking feedback from the NGOs  regarding the spending of 10,0000 INR. So Rewa society were suggested for the disability survey and accessibility. In the month of  June government has decided  to spend the amount  on disability  survey and rest of the amount will distribute among the NGOs.


Government department request Rewa society for the development of survey format and  training, in the month of August , Rewa Team developed the format and share with the government and it was finalized  by government department. In the month of 8th august  Rewa team had provided the training to the Anganwadi workers on identification of disability  in five different blocks in Leh district. Probably the data complication will be completed  by end of September.



Acceptance of disability in society


· Root cause of unacceptance  is the attitude of people.

· To change the people attitude, is to bring practice  from the child hood.

Childhood practice is possible  if the child is treated equally in a family and society especially by family to give him a respect and opportunity  from the child hood.



U-System is going to be implemented in Leh very soon


U-system is an transport facility for the people with disability in Leh district . The aim of this transport facility is promote disability and equally enjoy their life like others.


This transport facility can used by any people with disability ,They can be  a tourist, local and national etc, This transport facility can used  for :

+ To visit a touristic place

+ To meet a  friend

+ To attained a social  and cultural activities.etc.


U-system has a special number . People who will use U-system have to call on this number, one of our representative staff will make the schedule for his or her itinerary as per the availability of vehicle. This special vehicle will be completely modified and accessible. with one attendant who will assist and guide during 




Rewa training for Anganwadi

Prevention  is better then cure! 

Donations for REWA 

Parents get

Parents get payed for bringing their children to therapy


Parents those who are coming to Rewa society with their children for a therapy need to wait for a 5 hours at Centre and most of the parents are getting bore and sometime they doesn’t bring their child regularly for therapy so therefore  we have decide to make a  new approach to bring attention and interest for the parents .so we have decided to involve  the parents  in making arts and craft, which we will sell and make money for them ,By this way they will continue their child for therapy.

 For the selling of stuff made  by parents ,we have contracted  tourist and travel agencies in Leh. One of the international ravel agent called “ cox & kings” has decided to sell our product. One of the tourist has taken the crafts along with her and sold to her friends .in future we will improve the product quality ,may some disability get the job to sell the product in future and earn their livelihood .



Fundraising on a local level for the implementation of activities by REWA society


In the year 2017Rewa staff has initiated to raise the funds at local level by making a different project.

For the accessibility and  U-system Rewa was successful in raising funds of around 50000 Euro.

For small activities like therapeutic material and  renovation etc has raised 3.4 lakh Indian rupees. We all know that some disability can not be changed, for them therapy is not the only option, we have to accept the fact and need to think what can be done with this disability  that will be the actual  rehabilitation.

By keep this in mind, we have to implement other activities rather then therapy. For that we need a  special educator who will teach them to live with disability and utilises the existing energy to some purposeful activities, which will bring confident and comparable with others children's in society.




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