Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Reports and pics for March and April 2018

                  Report for month of April


Month of April we treat patient, and also discuss which each to gather about diagnosis of patient. All patients are coming for therapy and some new   patients are coming for the first time. One is cerebral palsy and other are speech and MR patient. Now improvement of the patient is 25%. Every Monday we did coordinator meeting. In the of April 25-04-2018 Manager of REWA came to Kargil   and we took him to some patients house.  26th of April we held a meeting with all Rewa  parents. We discus about uniform and admission  in school. We chose 3 parents for the member of rewa.         


                         Report for the month of March                                                                                

We start rewa center of kargil 5th of March and we go to home visit  one week because of inside the school is so cold. 12th of march the patient  are being to Rewa center. Normally we have nine patients in a day, now we have 4-5 patient because of cold and some are in Jammu.

Archo made syllabus before reopen the school 9:30 morning assembly with MHMS. 10:00 clocks teach English, Math and 12 O clocks. Teach for therapy children’s after lunch again teaching and play memory card Saturday activities game like cricket, art and craft , painting stones, and coloring.

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