Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

REWA participates Ladakh Marathon, Sept. 10th, 2017

Alltogether 25 REWA people gathered early in the morning of Sunday, Sept. 10th. They arrived from all directions, Lobzang bus driver picked up most of the children with REWA bus. We were all exited, because there were so many people there waiting for their start. The full marathon runners had already left, the half marathon runners left at 6:30 am in the morning and the rest of the gang, about 3000 kids from all school in Leh area and hobby runners waited for the 7k fun run.


They were hard to contain...the kids wanted to run.


6:55 am the just took off, nobody could hold them anymore. They took off in a cloud of dust, incredible! We gathered our group and followed the dust....

It was fun, the road was smooth and the wheelchairs had no problem. We took a small short cut and on the way back many school kids talked to us, one girl decided to help and pushed a wheel chair almost all the way back. Norbu had to carry one of our tired little girls, another gilr finished the ride with Thinley in the wheelchair.


We were fotographed a lot, and when we reached the goal we were ushered in a separate line and each of us got a medal and a bag with goodies and drinks. Afterwards we took pictures and we were interviewed by an indian TV channel. Norbu gave a wonderful speech encouraging the disabled to come out of their houses and participate in life, show themselves. He cought the spirit of the moment: REWA children and the team were very well accepted and appreciated by the ladakhi runners.


Thank you Ladakh for loving your special children!



Before the marathon

During the marathon

After the marathon: The winners!


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