Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Ladakh Marathon on 10.+11.09.2016, report by Barbara Forst

Ladakh Marathon 2016 – the second time with Rewa-children


The highlight of my first week in this year was the Ladakh-Marathon. Very early in the morning we where picked up. But we could not reach the start point with our bus since there was such a crowd of viewers and participants. So we had to get out of the bus and walk. It was not an easy job walking 30 minutes uphill with four wheelchairs and two children with walking impairments. But the children where so excited that they easily accepted the challenge.


During the last weeks the children had made little t-shirts to wear over the official marathon t-shirt they got from the government. They made a special sign with Rewa Logo and handprints of the children. Volunteer Larissa supported the team to work it out. The official starting number was fixed on those t-shirts.


The Rewa group was very well presented and spotted in the huge group of  “just fun” runners on the 7 km trac. People who where watching supported the kids, applauding and encouraging them. Also media workers got interested and made an interview with one of the volunteers.


The wheelchair kids where much faster than the walking kids. But it didn’t matter. All reached the end, which meant a great success for them. And everybody got a medal and a lunch package. After the official group photo, we all went home to spend the rest of Sunday with families. The volunteers enjoyed a wonderful breakfast in their hotel.


This was very special for me to be part of it.



Leh,11. September 2016

Barbara Forst

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