Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Volunteers Tine and Katharina leave, new ones come

The end of April we had a going away party for volunteers physiotherapist Christine and special educator Katharina. We had a wonderful time with both of them and their work was so valuable for us in Kargil, charging us with new motivation and giving us professional perspectives. Both of them are returns and have served as volunteers for Ladakh-Hilfe in 2011 before.


Tine has helped Mehmood to find a wonderful local carpenter who will now built the necessary aids for new and growing kids with great care and enthusiasm.


We are also very happy to announce that Hamida is back from schooling in Dehli. She has completed her diploma in physiotherapy in the last two years and she will now join our team in Kargil. Also another volunteer from India has arrived, a special education teacher, Prabhjoty. We welcome our new helpers and we are looking foreward to a very productive summer.


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