Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Special Education teacher Prabhiyot Sahi spends fruitful time in Kargil

Special education teacher Prabhiyot Sahi lives in Mumbai and spent 6 weeks as a volunteer in April and May 2015 with REWA and the Munshi Habibullah Mission School in Kargil. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and Master of Science (Human Developement) and some great experience our children really benefited from.

Thank you dear Prabhiyot for your help and time, we really appreciate it and love you very much!

Karola Wood

My experience at REWA


I am extremely grateful to Mrs. Karola and Mr. Gulzar for letting me volunteer at Rewa. It was a memorable and beautiful experience. Right from the time I landed in Leh to the end of my journey I was really grateful to be with very warm, affectionate and helpful people. I was greeted so warmly at Leh airport something that really touched me very deep. It brought me great joy working with the people in Kargil. They are so open, receptive to learning and accepting to other people’s ideas and experience. I loved how I experienced so many things and I could introduce and implement so many things that could help the teachers and the children. The children are so sweet, friendly and affectionate; it’s a joy teaching them.

They are so many volunteers coming and it’s amazing how the children and the teachers adapt and get attached to each of them. I am sure it is hard for them too. It was a great learning experience for me not only from the special education point of view, but learning about the people, place and culture.


The best part about working in Kargil is that the people make you feel one with them and they really go out of their way and take a lot of effort to make sure that you are fine. It was really nice meeting German OT Gisela, I learnt a lot of useful things from her, in her physiotherapy class and different and innovative ways of using flashcards for special needs children. I also attended a very interesting session on the brain by Mrs. Gabriela, PhD, MD, pediatrics, which was very enlightening and informative.


I would really like to thank Mr. David too for making my stay so comfortable and being so helpful. I would really like to come back again and visit the new centre too. 


Prabhiyot Sahi


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