Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

German Ambassador Dr. Martin Ney from New-Delhi visits REWA, Sept. 13th, 2017

The visit of the German Embassador was announced early and created positive exitement within the REWA team.


Embassador Dr. Martin Nay from german embassy in New-Delhi had planned to make an official visit to Ladakh to talk to government representatives, but he also wanted to take a look at NGOs and their projects which had been financed  through the german government. Ladakh-Hilfe/REWA society purchased two busses in 2015 suitable for the transport of people with disabiltities. They were financed by the BMZ, the German government.


Ladakh-Hilfe/REWA has been working in an exemplary way with the two therapy centers in Leh and Kargil to help the specially abled children. For this reason a delegation oft he German embassy wanted to visit REWA in Leh to learn more about the project.


The REWA team was very happy about the visit, considering it an great honor. For days they cleaned and prepared. Ladakh-Hilfe director Karola Wood was also there to help and assist the team with all questions, also concerning what to wear for the visit.


Dr. Ney arrived Sept. 13th with his wife and personal speaker Ms. Annett Bässler. All were welcomed with traditional Kathaks. Karola Wood took the team through all the rooms and explained the work of REWA in detail. After that they served refreshments to the visitors. Manager Dorjay showed a power point presentation about how REWA came about and what the future plans were.


Too fast the time went by and the vistors had to take their good bye. Dr. Ney was very impressed with the work accomplished by REWA/Ladakh-Hilfe. Some pictures were taken and the REWA staff  bid farewell to the friendly team from the german embassy

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