Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Saying Good Bye!


My time in Kargil has come to an end and I wish I had at least 2 more months to complete the tasks I set out to do. Working in Kargil has definitely been more challenging than Leh, the team is much younger and less experienced and the children are more complicated. Working in a school setting is also very different but it is so exciting to see how naturally children with disabilities can integrate into a mainstream school and even participate in the sports day!

It has been a pleasure working with such a spirited team. Not a day goes by without jokes, pranks and laughter. And when it comes to playing memory games, the staff get more competitive than the children! Let me not forget to mention all the eating, especially on Friday home visits: bread, salt tea, biscuits, sweet tea, apples, dried apricots and more tea. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the children and their families. The smiles, the tears and even the drool!


Need for special teachers volunteers!
Having spent most of my time in the therapy room, I wish I had more time to help the special class teacher, Archo. She is struggling to deal with behaviour problems in a class of children who vary in ages from 7 to 13 years.  There is a tremendous need for a long term volunteer who can assist with implementing behaviour modification strategies and adding life-skills to the current syllabus. This is what makes working in Kargil so rewarding, there is scope for improvement and the project has so much potential. As a volunteer you can help with little things and it goes a long way. 

It is time to say goodbye before it gets any colder in Ladakh, but with so much left to do here, I hope to be back soon. Inshallah.


OT Jana 

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