Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Dr.Jayna, PT, and Speech Therapist Rajvi volunteer for REWA in August 2018


The word itself has so much of hope in it

It is my second year in the center and I can say that it has shown a continuous steady growth ...

Each and every child has shown improvement not only in physical development but also in educational as well as    emotional development because this is what each child get here ... physical educational emotional support....

I had a small opportunity to teach the therapist there, and I found that they were really interested in upgrading them selves and wanted to gain as much as possible knowledge.

They are already working on the best international standards but still have a urge to improve themselves and this was really the best part of my this year visit.


Jayna Agrawat


This is what Speechtherapist Rajvi Vibhakar has to say about her experience:


Dear Rewa Society,

   It was a great experience working with you . The staff was really kind and generous. I really wish I could have stayed a little while just as to know more about the children and help them speak. I’ll make sure that next time i stay a little longer to make a bigger contribution .

    Rewa society is a blessing to all the people who are needy and all those children who require a hand to help them walk ahead in life.

     Thank you so much for giving me such a great opportunity to help and work for Rewa .



Rajvi Vibhakar

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