Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Manager Dorjay meets with staff, beneficiaries and parents




2) field visit

3) parents meeting.


On 3rd May i have visited kargil.4th morning i have visited the staff and leave for the field visit, we have visited Chanigone( village ) which is top on the mountain, which is 12 km from the kargil, road connectivity is very bad ,no bus service and taxi available. Where we met with a family in which 3 children with disability are living, all three were suffering from cerebral palsy, but intellectually they have no any issue. Few years back we have done a  surgery but now it again developed contracture and deformity.

By looking at this  three children’s  mother  I was really moved ,we cant imaging how pain she has inside, all the years and years she was completly occupied by this three children’s at one place and this three children’s were also trap inside one roof for many many  years and they never get a chance to connect  to the rest of the people, nor they never get a chance to get a education.

Three children’s were very active intellectually and their upper arms were also not affected.

We have made a  re-assessment and set a  new GOAL( SMART) in which we have  focused not only on physical rehabilitation but also focused on, how we can change their life more towards the independent and happy life for both parents and children’s.

One of our intervention is to provide physical therapy more frequently and focus more given on bring them to the centre frequently too and also they will took admission in school at Munshi Habibulla, school will make free admission fee and also  consecution in monthly school fee. By this way they will get therapy and education. ( government has a position for the employment for the people with disability but they have to meet with eligibility  to the set rules of government in which 10th pass or 12 pass is the basic requirement. if we start giving them a education today ,one day why will have academic qualification and they will be qualified.


Parents meeting: On the second day we have organised a parents Meeting with the following Agendas


1. To change the perception of people towards the people with disability in society.

2. Re-think, about your child, think what you can do for the betterment of his /her life, today is the time, tomorrow will be too late.

3. Education is the key to make your child life inclusive, respectful, independent and happy life.


All the parents gathered at Rewa society at around 11am.President of the Rewa society Kargil had initiated the meeting by welcoming.

And we discussed issues step by step, it was so interesting and parents were also showing concern and respect to the Rewa society,

We mainly focused on mainstreaming the disabilities and encourage them to participate in institutional base activities which will create way for them to a successful and happy life .

We suggest parents not to hide their child, bring them for therapy and education.


Mr Gulzar promised all the parents that he will make free admission fee and consecution in monthly fee for the student who will take classes at school (not at Rewa) for those whose economical condition is not well.

Parents were suggested to bring their child to Rewa society with a uniform, which will break the barrier of social connection and create a new environment for both parents and children’s.


We said you child will get both education and therapy, parents have to support us in successful implementation of our vision for the betterment of their life.

Parents have to take the same responsibility of your child with disability and  child without disability, parents will send their child with clean uniform, and hygienic foods, no one will get food from Rewa society. Parents can bring their child at Rewa society by their own car if they have facility, it is not important to wait for the rewa vehicle only, parents can send their child in a  Munshi Habibulla school Bus if they comes under the school bus Roots.

Parents those who comes to the Rewa  society with the kids they will not stay by doing nothing, we have create new approach so that parents will not waste  their  whole day by doing nothing. parents will earn money to bring their child for therapy.


Parents will be trained by a Rewa volunteer in making a cloth bags, This bags will paint and  design by children’s of Rewa society and sell in a market with a message on save environment from plastics bags and paper bags. (Mr Gulzar will involve  promote and selling the bags.


Children with disability contributing for Society:

( our Agenda is .one day Rewa staff , children’s and parents will do a  rally in Kargil market on ban plastics and papers and save  the environment,)


21 parents were gathered


Report by REWA Manager Dorjay


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