Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Bilquis reports from Kargil, Dec. 12th, 2018



Hello! We the REWA team, treat patients and also discuss with each other about the diagnosis, re-evaluation and so on. Every Monday we did a coordination meeting and every Friday we went to a home visit in Chanigund. All patients came for the therapy but there were also new ones coming like the patients Fatima, Mehmood Ali, Zahid Ali, Hussain, Moqaab Hussain. These 5 children came in November to the REWA Society. In this month December only 6 or 7 patients were coming a day because the weather went very cold. All our volunteers have been very good. They had a lot of experience, so the REWA School is very good now.


                      World Disabled Day in REWA 03/12/2018

The world disabled day was celebrated on 3rd of December and this year we also celebrated it in our REWA Rehabilitation center in Kargil. In this occasion we invite Madam Nargis, the deputy election officer of Kargil, the care project officer and social welfare officer of Kargil  and guest of honor was  Mohd Mussa, zonal education officer of Kargil. Parents and the disabled students take part in this event. Our REWA children performed culture activities like sheena song, balti song and ladakhi dance. The student Mudasir Iqubal also gave a speech about studying in the Munshi Habibullah Mission School. He said that he feels more normal and he is also very integrated even with his disability. The students of the Munshi Habibullah Mission School Kargil also performed their talents. After that one of the members of REWA Society named Haji Zakir expressed his views of being part in this organization. He asked the chief guest kindly if it would be possible to help the REWA Society. Haji Zakir also said that he and all the parents are very thankful to have the chance to be part of this organization and appreciated REWA for providing such a great facilities for the disabled children. After that our president Gulzar Hussain Munshi expressed his views of the REWA Society. Our president also asked for donations. After that we gave gifts to our children and then we conclude our program by the national anthem. At the end there were refreshments for everyone. Everyone was very impressed of the program and so I think it went very well. Thanks to all of you!

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