Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

A wonderful art project took place last summer in REWA Leh and Kargil to help the special children in many ways

Ruth Bleif, an german artist, came to Ladakh to teach arts to the special children and youth of REWA. The goal with this project was team work, therapy and motivation, fun for arts, self sustainment, fundraising and more.

Ruth used local materials to create puppetts for play and sale. 


The project took more time to develop then expected. There still needs to be some refinements done for this wonderful idea to be integrated and settled in the vision and focus of the busy REWA schedule. If there are any volunteer artists that would like to donate some time in summer 2016 to help develop art projects (also music, sports) for the REWA kids and youth and also help develop marketing strategies for selling the items, you are most welcome to contact us. 

Ruth Bleif, the german artist, working with the children of REWA Leh. They tear egg cartons in very small pieces, soak them in some special mixture, add some natural colouring and then shape it accordingly. 

Here is where the project started: all the kids and caretakers in Leh helped

Here the volunteers and local team in Kargil worked on the project and had lots of fun

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