Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Jan. 21st: 3rd report from Kunzang and Chuskit from Hamburg

Kunzang and Choskit visit to Germany – 3rd report


In our 3rd week we visited the physically handicapped school Hirtenweg and there we met Heike and other physiotherapist, to whom she introduced us.

We met there a lot of children with disabilities and she introduced us with them. We joined them and we worked together. When we looked around we saw much different types of equipment and the children using those equipment. We were very impressed.

Second last day we went with children for horse riding (hippo therapy). There we spent one hour and that was very nice and interesting to see, and we enjoyed with them.

Last day we met Christiane Freitag. She is eye specialist. We joined her class and met two boys there: one is totally blind and the other one has vision problems. She was handling them in very good way. She taught them communication, orientation and concentration with special electronic equipment. After that she showed us a book named “WHAT and HOW does this child see?”

After that we visited several units of a huge hospital, the prenatal centre, the emergency room, a x-ray-room and the stroke unit. Everywhere we where showed around and explained everything by nurses. We where surprised to see all these special facilities. For pregnant women they have special family rooms. It was wonderful to see such a big hospital. We where really impressed about the very good facilities patients in Germany have.

Then we met nursing director Angelika Steinkopf. We had tea together and we shared our experiences and she explained her work.  It was really surprising and amazing to get the opportunity to visit this hospital. 

Big thanks to Barbara…       

Saturday we went on a long shoppingtour. We ended at the port pharmacy: The pharmacist Ulrike wanted to donate first aid dressings. We got a lot to bring to Ladakh. And on Sunday we met Barbara’s women friends during a brunch at her home.      

Kunzang and Chuskit at the pharmacy. Many donations came for the children and their special needs in Ladakh
Barbara is taking the two Ladakhi girls to the Hamburg port, an impressive experience

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