Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

OT Steffi from Austria reports about her time in Kargil, 28.08.2018

Time flies by and in the time that I am already in Kargil. There have been some interesting things that I want to write about.


Marlo (another volunteer) and I have decided to upgrade the existing Snoozelroom. This room is used e.g. for children with perception or attention problems. With the simplest means (fabric covers, paper flowers, light garlands) we could achieve a great result.



In addition, a few mothers in Kargil have now started to sew bags that are painted by the children and then sold like it is alreasy done in Leh. Of course, this requires a lot of work, but a first step has now been taken and the first mothers are motivated to make their contribution.


On 18th of August the "Traditional Dress Event" took place. The children of each class presented traditional dresses, songs and dances from different regions of Ladakh. The children of REWA also had a share in the program and were on the catwalk in front of all other children, parents and further guests. You could clearly feel the pride and joy of the children.


So far so good. I'm sure there'll be more exciting news to tell in the coming weeks.


Julley from Kargil!

OT Steffi

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