Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Jan 13th, 2016: More information and pics from Kunzang and Choskit

Mehr Info von Kunzang und Choskit

Kunzang and Choskit visit to Germany – 2nd report


In our 2nd week we visited to Kita Hartzloh and we met Christina. She is a physiotherapist and first she introduced us to the head of Kita and other colleges.  We saw there four disabled children and she introduced and explained us some things about them. She started exercises with children and we worked together. It was a great experience for us to see how they work. She worked very much with hands off techniques and also shaping the environment so that the children got more active by themselves.

During break time she shared her experience and we had lunch and tea together. Then Barbara visited us in the Kita. She met Christina and the head of Kita and we shared our work and our experiences with them.

Next day we visited with Dr. Gabi Schmidt the Kita alter Teichweg, where we met Petra and colleagues. She is visiting this Kita once a month on a regular way to discuss the situation and improvement of the children with the staff or to answer their questions.

We had tea together and we explained our work we do in Leh. After that Petra showed us around and introduced all children. We saw there three disabled children. She explained us many things about them. After visiting the Kita, we came back home and we went for lunch all together at an Italian restaurant.                    

Yesterday we went to the North Sea for sight seeing. It was one hour from here. There we had a good time together. We saw there ships and had lunch there. The first time in our life we ate fresh fish, which was a quite good experience. After tea and a walk around to look shops, again we went to see the water which was far gone. Then we came back. It was so amazing to see the sea, the tides and flow of the water and to experience the special fresh air they have at the North Sea.


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