Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Project "Happy Feet", Surgery Camp September 2012

Teil 1: Auswahl der Kinder und Vorbereitung

In Collaboration with Ishwar International Society (Delhi), KbH Austria, Chief Medical Officer, Medical Superintendent and District Commissioner from Leh


All pictures with courtesy of KbH, Austria

June 15th Rewa team got in contact to the chairman of Ishwar International Society (Delhi,) , the all this become possible because of Mr David Rewa (President of Society), Ishwar International Society who conducts corrective surgery in collaboration with KBH Austria, regarding the same Rewa met Chief Medical Officer and Medical Superintendent and District Commissioner, after which the officer kept an ethical committee meeting in which the committee passed a resolution that Rewa Society can use the O.T and they will also provide O.T team, all this formality took at least took 2 months to be finalized.


By August 19 the ethical committee passes the resolution finally, one of the reason why it took that long was that since the surgeons were from abroad there are many formalities like getting clearance from Medical Council of India and External Affairs Minister.

In Delhi the team had to take permission from Medical Council of India and External Affairs Minister to conduct the Surgery since the surgeons were from Austria.

31st of August Blood test, X-Ray,E.C.G etc of the kids short listed for surgery for the deformity, and on 31st the evening the surgeon team reached from Kargil, on 1st at 10 am surgery started, for the 3 kids, on second the follow up was done and the patient were discharged. 3 children recieved correctional surgery (click here to view report and pics) The children were operated on by Austrian surgeons Univ.Doz. Dr. Ernst Orthner (Fußchirurg – Fußzentrum Wels-Klagenfurt) und Dr. Heinz Bürger (Hand- u. Mikrochirurg aus Klagenfurt) and the surgical team from the S.N.M.Hospital Leh. 


On 1st and 2nd they also took measurement for orthotic fitment for the kids, an orthotic technician from delhi took the measurement for the same and Ishawar International society will provide fitment for free in near future also, Rewa have to send just the measurement of the kids for Orthotic fitment. There will be 16 children recieving Orthotic fitment through Ishwar International Society.


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