Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Die Vision für REWA na KASKO erweitert sich erheblich

Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit der lokalen Munshi Habibullah Mission Schule bietet sich eine einmalige Gelegenheit, ein einmaliges Pilotprojekt in Ladakh zu starten

New Vision for the work of REWA in the Kargil area. Because we work together with the MunshiHabibullahMissionSchool, who has built an entire school building in such way as to accommodate students with handicap.

A Phase of Transition:

New Rehabilitation Centre at Munshi Habibullah Mission School

For REWA NA KASCO - Towards a new working model

MHMS - Towards an Inclusive School

Challenges ahead:

- Training and local capacity building (REWA staff, teachers, students, parents)

- Curriculum for inclusive education

- Space and Infrastructure design (School, Hostel, Rehabilitation Centre,    Transportation)

- Promotion and awareness building

- Opening of the newREWACenter at the MHMS in late summer 2014


Structure of the day - Organisation of work in continuation with the school

- All children will be picked up with own school bus, one helper per bus

- Individual physiotherapy Program for child – at REWA centre only

- Special teachers/educators

  For children with mental deficits, individual serious for a single child or a suitable     small group (something similar working at the pre-nursery as well currently)

- Two helpers for centre and school: Their job will be help children from centre to     school and vice versa. Assistance for educator/therapist. Bus driver – could also     be working as a helper

- Volunteers as a part of the centre team

- Frequent (once a month/once a week) get together activities with school and    


- Rehab Centre Art Project

- Each one Help One: Assigning senior students one day in a week to look after a special child (under supervision of the trained staff).

Ideas for education of REWA staff

- Special teacher/educator

- Sponsorship through REWA

- Govt programs and schemes

- Crash courses at schools in Delhi (several teachers from MHMS have been there)

- Collaborate with MUNSELSchool in Leh

- Information and knowledge support between Leh and Kargil staff. Leh staff should   support Kargil staff through special topics on therapy and organisation

- Workshops and lessons by national/International teachers and healthcare          

  professionals for both Leh and Kargil staff as well as other interested health    

  workers (with admission fee) on days when the centre is off.

- Promotion and Awareness Building Programmes and events – Such as  

  volunteerism, local and national level branding, parent teacher cooperation    


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