Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA

Project Wintertraining: Three men want to go to Hamburg for special "one in a lifetime" training

The project wintertraining 2016 was successfully completed. Kunzang and Chuskit had a very educational time in Germany in Hamburg and implement this knowledge and motivation now for the benefit of the special children of Ladakh.


In January we plan to give the same chance and action for the three male staff members of REWA. We want to bring them to Hamburg and train them in their fiield. It is also a exposure tour that will motivate and educate them. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity for those hard working and humble people we appreciate so much.


We want to bring supervisor and orthopeadic technician Norbu, PT Othzer from Leh and PT Mehmood from Kargil to Hamburg for four weeks. In various professional institutions they will co-labour, work and volunteer to aquire new skills and ideas for their own work in Ladakh. Norbu will work in various orthotic work shops and Othzer and Mehmood will learn about Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. 

They will be challenged to reflect their education in the light of their work in Ladakh and consider practical application. They are obliged to participate in public realation and fund raising matters in Hamburg. They will learn to hold small powerpoint presentations about their work and they will also be required to say a few words at a special concert held to promote their cause. 


Their supervisor will be Barbara Forst, a known and respected friend to all of them. She will provide free accomodation for them and guide them through this tough exprerience. 


We ask you to help us with donations to make this winter training possible. For all international and national travel and food we estimate expenses alltogether

3150 EUROs or  235.000 INR  or 3500 $

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