Children need hope, they need REWA
Children need hope, they need REWA
Dorjay and Angchok in Hamburg with Barbara and Dr. Gabi

Here we want to present new and update information for you about the work of our teams in Ladakh and Germany from the year 2017. Reports about past years you find in archives.

Many ex-volunteers help with activities to support the work in Ladakh. Please feel free to browse and be amazed at what has happened in 10 years of work for special children in Ladakh. 

If you would like to become involved, please contact us. We appreciate all the help we can get. 


= REWA means hope in the Ladakhi language 


Here you will find more interesting articles about REWA activities on the German site, lots of pics and often translation included:





April 12th ,2017: Therapy in Leh and Kargil has started, everything is working well despite the snow that keeps falling and falling and....




Sept. 9, 2016: "Wheel of the Year" in special school Kargil


August 4, 2016:  Running for REWA


July 12, 2016: Happy birthday Partos!


July 12, 2016: Picknick in Sabuu with our special children


June 23, 2016: New playground is being constructed out of recyled material


June 12, 2016: OT Andrea reports about complex challenges for therapy


May 17, 2016: OT Andrea reports about her work with REWA team Leh


May 13,2016: New patients for REWA Kargil - because of Radio advertisement!



April 17: Boy with disabilty is being raised by mother alone in KTM, we help with orthopaedic shoes from Germany. Ex LH-volunteer Nina involved!


April 16: Changes in RAC Leh for the improvement of therapy


April 16: Therapy in Kargil starts with two Indian volunteers helping in REWA special school


April 15: First action taken in Nepal


March 2: The RAC in Leh has opened again...


March 1: Running for REWA


February 2016, New project: Biking for REWA in August 2016. If you want to help with media coverage, please contact us!






November 16, 2015: Ladakh-Hilfe/REWA presented at famous german festival in Darmstadt, lots of pics and englisch text!


October 13: New helper in Kargil, Knees Fatima


Sept. 14: REWA Kids and Team participate at the Ladakh Marathon, many pics, please check here...


Sept. 8: Special Olympics in Leh, very first time participation for REWA children! Read more here....


August 13:  Final report from PT Mathile Richon about her 3 months in Ladakh as a volunteer, beautiful pics from a wonderful girl!



June 14: PT Eva reports about her arrival and field trip to Nubra Valley


June 8: Dr. Gabi Schmid and Barbara Forst pay a visit to the local SNM Hospital Pediatric Unit


May 29: Update Kargil RAC and School, new pics


May 27: Special education teacher Katharina reports about her work with parents of special needs class


May 27: Hamida is back working with the team in Kargil. She now has a diploma in physiotherapy


May 27: New pics from RAC Leh, great work and great therapy


May 18: One day in the life of volunteer occupational therapist Gisela Eichhorn


May 18: Katharina sends her last report about her work in Kargil


Ladakh-Hilfe helps people stricken by earth quake in Nepal. Lots of pictures!


Construction work in new RAC Kargil has started again in April, check the pics...


Therapy in Leh is going strong in April


REWA Leh visits the artificial glacier in Phyang, a fascinating experience for...


Therapy in Chuchot Hostel in April, children seem quite happy...


Easter: Snow makes therapy in Kargil difficult, but the team keeps on going...


Membership meeting and meeting for volunteers in Germany on March 6....


March 10: Opening of RAC Kargil has been delayed also due to a change of....


REWA Staff is busy with homevisits. First week of March the schools ....


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